Our Products

We Provide Following Major Categoy Products

Imida Bottles

ifferent shapes & sizes available to Pack Pesticide, Fungicide, Plant Growth Promoter, paint remover

Lubricating Shapes

Different Shapes & sizes available to Pack Lubricating Oil & Coolant Products

Capsule Bottles

Useful to Pack Capsule & Tablet


Useful to Pack Capsule, Tablet, Ghee, Humic Powder & Flex, Chemical Powder

Jerry Can

Useful to Pack Paint Remover, Formaldihide, H2O2, Acitic Acid & Construction Chemicals

Measuring Cup

Useful in different Bio Pesticide Products, Aloevera Juice, Available in 25ml & 50ml.

About Us

Bright Containers is in the manufacturing of Blow & Injection molding articles since 2008.

We have different shapes & sizes available to pack Pesticides, Agro Chemicals, Bio Pesticides, Plant Growth Promoters, Water Proofing Chemicals, Lubricating Oil, & Coolant water packing.

Our Products are useful to pack Liquid, Semi Solid, Powder, Capsules and Tablets.

Bright Containers generated rapid growth in manufacturing with Latest Manufacturing Technology; Well Trained Human Force & Required Infrastructure which gives Perfect delivery of orders with 100% satisfactory quality at Market Compatible Prize.